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Installation Examples & Helps

Note: Mount and install your cabinets at your own risk.  We, Nor Alpha WorkX L.L.C. is responsible for your mounting, nor from any issues that arise from your mounting, nor mounting problems, nor mounting failures, nor any mounting issues whatsoever.  Sorry, but mounting is at your own risk or your finding a local shop to mount them for you.

Note: Alpha WorkX, L.L.C. is not responsible for installation, nor the effects of proper, or improper installation.

The following photos are installation examples, and are not installation instructions. These are informational helps. View these sample mounting views for your own reference. 

** Some folks report that they prefer to mount the shelves and cabinets with brackets, others prefer to mount the units right to the existing trailer wall or trailer framework.  But Make sure your frame spacing suits the width of the cabinets or shelves.
** Some folks prefer to use #14 x 1/2" or 3/4" long, pan head screws with lock washers, by pre-Drilling a tiny pilot hole in the upright for the pan head to grip into, nice and tight.  They prefer to drill the hole in the cabinet or shelf large enough for the #14 to fit through without binding, so that the binding takes place back on the upright of the trailer framing.  Reports are most trailers are 16" on center of the framing uprights.
** Others report that they don't have upright framing and they only have fiberglass or solid sides, which then they have reported to bolt through with hardened stainless bolts, nuts and lock washers.


Shown below is our Show & Personal Use trailer, with cabinets in the following arrangement:

1. V-Nose Front Right side Ceiling 48" or 50" Universal Shelf. Carries my truck, trailer and sled books. Also my carbides and folded up tarp/s, also monster flashlight and long jack handle for my other crank jack over on the 4 shelf unit.


2. Front Left side of V-Nose Workstation Cabinet w/ Flip Down Shelf & Paper Towel holder (Quarts & Cans). This holds my winch and gallon jugs of 2-stroke oil and antifreeze.


3. Front Right side of V-Nose Combo Plus w/Paper Towel holder (Gallons & Quarts). Holds my misc quarts and cans and grease tubes and sprays


4. & 5. Right side wall past side door & before V-Nose has 2 units:
        A) Mini Quart Can - I keep my AMSOil Oil, AMSOil Diesel concentrate and AMSOil Cetane Boost by the
            door for quick access during fill-ups. Also carries extra drinking water bottles water bottles on top
            shelf in place of aerosol cans.
        B) 6 Quart Shelf - Carries other items like quarts or 2 Gallon jugs turned sideways up tight against the wall


6. Front Left side wall up by the front V-Nose is the Monster 4 shelf Unit. This hugs the wall nicely for us and it holds my bottle jacks in bottom shelf, also is a perfect fit for the harbor freight tools little gray bins and used as a parts separator for the 2 & 3 shelves and then the top I use for other cans and gear box lube and so on. I carry extra sled parts, wire, tapes, plugs, bulbs, specialty items like pullers, batteries, etc...


7. Left side wall has Two 3-Place helmet shelves with bottom Coat/strap hangers


Sample below was during the install process, not showing the workstation on the V-Nose yet, nor showing the mini 6-Quart oil shelf below the mini Quart Can shown here on the right.




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