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Cleaning your Aluminum Products

Warning & Note: Polish, treat and Clean your cabinets at your own risk.

Along with the disclaimer above, we would like to give you insight regarding aluminum cleaning and polishing.  Be very careful about cleaning agents on aluminum products.  I discovered the hard way, that if you use strong chemicals or shop or household degreasers or cleaners, they WILL damage the look and color of any aluminum product.  NEVER use these strong degreasers.  Once they etch the surface (as we discovered the hard way), it seems to be impossible to repair the damage.

So NEVER NEVER NEVER use the ACID cleaners, called Aluminum brighteners' if you like the look and shine of your aluminum products.  The Aluminum brighteners etch the surface and thus change the look to a DULL flat coarse finish that I personally do not like at all; very unattractive in my opinion. Once this is done, it would take hours upon hours to try and regain the flat smooth aluminum finish with a polishing wheel and polishes (not worth it).  The Aluminum brighteners are sold as a fast and easy way to clean aluminum, but the results are not for fine for smooth finishes that you want to keep fine and smooth and polishable.  These aluminum brighteners are sold in auto parts and boat stores and so on.

Aluminum is VERY VERY Soft metal, even though it is very durable and perfect metal for many products.  So be careful not to scratch, dent or gouge your aluminum products.


We have found that to keep the clean neat finish that the aluminum sheet metal manufacturers provide, is to simply clean your aluminum products with household 409(TM).  Simple Green(TM) leaves a film behind, but 409(TM) cleans it without etching the aluminum and does not leave a film.  Window cleaners do not work.

To polish aluminum to a nice shiny finish and showy finish, use standard aluminum polish, such as Maguire's aluminum mag wheel polish.  But, due to fine scratches in aluminum sheet metal, after you polish it, use 409 to take off the left gray polish left in the fine scratches, and then it looks great and shines like magic.


Finger Prints and Blemishes from handling, installing, etc.
As you may see in our installation photos, you will notice dirty finger prints on the surfaces.  The good news is, these finger prints will disappear by using 409(TM) and a standard aluminum polish as noted above.

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