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**Best Value**
Workstation Cabinet
Hanger Rail and Tie-Down Holder on Underside
# 800-2-7
Includes A Flip Down Work Shelf or Table top!
* Also Includes a Paper Towel Holder & Tie-Down Strap Holder!
* The paper towel holder incorporates a stainless steel spring mechanism for roll tension


*NOTE* - Product update: Our New model as of October/November 2007 includes a spring actuator to secure the flip-down shelf vs. the older model that uses a stainless steel rod and clip to secure the flip-down shelf!  Photo's of this new model to be displayed here soon...


The Competition can NOT match this units features:
* This unit is tight to the wall!
* The Paper Towel roll does NOT stick out into the isle!
*The Paper Towel Roll is out of the way underneath the cabinet1

 NOT only does this unit boast the Paper-Towel holder
* Also features a Tie-down strap rack!
* Also houses 7 quarts (front to back) on top shelf for this size unit!
*Also holds 6 standard size aerosol cans on bottom shelf!
* Stainless Steel Pin & Rod to secure Shelf & paper towel!
* Two shelves to accommodate the Paper Towel Roll underneath out of the way!
No other unit of this size supplies these features!
See their unit #323, no comparison!



Key Benefits

bulletBuilt-in Paper Towel Holder with stainless spring tensioner.
bulletBuilt-in tie-down strap hanger, built into the bottom.
bulletHolds 2 Types of containers
Quarts         (standard quart bottle of oil)
Aerosol Cans
bulletLight Weight Aluminum
bullet3003,  0.90" Aluminum
Workstation with flip down shelf !!!
            Strap holder
            Paper towel holder.

    -> Also includes a paper towel roll holder (roll holder & stainless
        spring on bottom of cabinet)

    -> Also includes a tie-down Strap holder(bar on bottom of cabinet)
    -> Holds 7 Quarts on top shelf
    -> Holds 6 aerosol cans on second shelf behind flip up workbench table.
    -> 19" wide x 6 1/8" deep x 27 1/8" tall
    -> 6" Strap bay (on bottom)
    -> 12" Paper Towel bay (on bottom)

-> You asked for this at the Oct 2006 PSSA show, we developed it!


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Description Part # MSRP Our

the price from our Competition

Workstation Cabinet
2 Shelves
Towel Dispenser
Tie-Down/Strap Rack
800-2-7 $189 $169


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Shipping box size: 33 x 25" x 10" 
Weight: 13.6 lbs + Packaging = 21.8 lbs
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PA State Tax for those in PA - 6%
(Required by law due to office being in PA)
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To Order Call 484-365-7000
Note: We are a small company with quality products at low prices.
So please be patient with return calls. We usually have stock and ship in 24 to 48 hours.

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Call us with competing legitimate pricing, and we will seek to beat their price!
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