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Mini Quart Can
Quart & Aerosol Can Dual Shelf Cabinet


Key Benefits

bulletHolds 2 Types of containers
6 Quarts         (standard quart bottle of oil)
6 Aerosol Cans
17" wide x 5 1/2"deep x 16 high
bulletLight Weight Aluminum
bullet3003,  0.90" Aluminum
bulletNice Compact Size
bulletCan be used to carry other items (tools, containers, etc)



Description Part # MSRP Our
the price from our Competition
Mini Quart Can - 2 Shelf Cabinet 700-2-6 $89 $74


$89 +
Alpha WorkX has no handling Fee     $0 No Fee $4 Handling Fee
Plus Shipping to appropriate zip code
17" wide x 5 1/2"deep x 16 high
Shipping box size: 20 x 20 10
Weight: 5.66 lbs + Packaging = Approx 8 lbs
Ship from Zip Code: 19362

Two shipped in one box 20x20x19 15.4 lbs


$ Your Zip

PA State Tax for those in PA - 6%
(Required by law due to office being in PA)
    $ $


To Order Call 484-365-7000
Note: We are a small company with quality products at low prices.
So please be patient with return calls. We usually have stock and ship in 24 to 48 hours.

 $$$ Pricing A Problem $$$
Call us with competing legitimate pricing, and we will seek to beat their price!
Show us their web site, Ads, prices, etc...

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